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Lyrics - Painting (2008 Ver.)

Painting (2008 Version)

Music by Tom Keane, Roycel Cooks

Lyrics by 凛々 (Rinrin), Tiana Xiao

Romaji on top, if you wanna follow along/sing along to it.

Japanese with English translation below (scroll down to see!).


Jissai wakan nai jibun rashisatte

Hito ga kimeru koto ja nai yo ne

I don't know yume mo

I don't know mirai mo

I don't know ichibyou saki mo

I don't know matte

I don't know

tsumari kono HAATO (heart) shidai

Harewatatta sora

Masshiro na kumo ni yurarete arukou

I know... I believe

Donna koto ga atte mo

Kono sora no you ni sunda kokoro de ireba

It's a painting of my heart

Funwari yurari kaze ni yureteru

Maegami to nayami tadayou bakari

I don't know asu no

I don't know tenki mo

I don't know tada no yohou

I believe ame demo

I believe kokoro wa watashi shidai

Kotokoto natteru yo

Tokimeki ga takanaru oto konna ni

I know... in my heart

Mada shiranai jibun to

Deatte kureru hitotachi arigato

Kitto tadoritsuku yo

I Love Myself sou ieru tame ni

Ikite iru ki ga suru yo

Mou iyatte nigedashitai

Yoru mo takusan aru yo

Believe Myself sore de fuan wo

Yattsukeyou kotenpan ni

Douse nara warattetai mon ne

Kono taiyou no you ni

I don't know nani ga

I don't know kowai no?

I will change yowai kokoro

I believe dekiru

I believe kaeyou

Tanoshii kyou ni

Harewatatta sora

Masshiro na kumo ni yurarete arukou

I know... I believe

Donna koto ga atte mo

Kono sora no you ni sunda kokoro de ireba

It's a painting of my heart

Kaze ni fukare nagara

Ima kono kirei na sora ni chikau yo

I know... I believe

Ashita no tame ni sou

Akarui iro de nurou yo masshiro na mune ni

It's the painting of my life


(Japanese/English translation)

Translation by Tiana Xiao

Note: Wow, it's really hard to translate poetic Japanese lyrics into English, still try to retain the original imagery, and have it make sense! Again, please feel free to leave comments about how you think it could be translated better!

実際わかんない 自分らしさって

i don't really know.... i just wanna be myself


i don't want what i do to be decided by people around me or situations around me

I don't know 夢も

I don't know 未来も

I don't know 1秒先も

I don't know 待って?

I don't know

つまり このハート次第?

i dunno / my dream

i dunno / my future

i dunno / for a second, first

i dunno / wait a minute

i dunno / anyway, to sum it all up, i want things to be dependent on MY heart


the sky cleared up after the rain


I'll walk, swayed by the pure white clouds

I know...I believe


no matter what happens

この空のように澄んだ 心でいれば

as long as my heart is pure and clear like the skies above

It's a painting of my heart※

ふんわりゆらり 風に揺れてる

fluffy clouds drifting by, moving in the wind

前髪と悩み 漂うばかり

my bangs and my worries are, just like the clouds, swaying with the wind

I don't know 明日(あす)の

I don't know 天気も

I don't know ただの予報

I believe 雨でも

I believe ココロは ワタシ次第

i dunno / tomorrow's

i dunno / weather

i dunno / it's just a forecast

i believe / even if it rains

i believe / my heart, myself first


my beating heart, it's echoing, it's roaring

ときめきが高鳴る音 こんなに

the throbbing sound of my heart, ringing loudly, pounding this much

I my heart


i know that there is a lot i still have to learn about myself

出逢ってくれる人達 アリガト

and there are people i will run into, people who will leave footprints in my life, who will help me, and for that i am thankful


i know, for sure, that i will overcome any challenges that lie ahead

I Love Myself そう言える為に

"i love myself" for the sake of being able to say this


(feeling that i am alive)


i won't run away anymore from things i dislike


(i know there will still be a lot of nights)

Believe Myself それで不安を

believe myself, so my uneasiness


(i'll fight it off)


so i might as well laugh it off, right?


(like the sun in the sky)

I don't know 何が

I don't know 怖いの?

I will change 弱い心

I believe 出来る

I believe 変えよう


i dunno / what is

i dunno / scary?

i will change / my weak heart

i believe / i can do it

i believe / 'cuz i'll change

so i'll seize the day


(Repeat ※)


while blowing in the wind

今この綺麗な空に 誓うよ

right now, towards the beautiful skies, i swear (similar expression to "I Swear to God")

I know...I believe

明日のために そう

for the sake of tomorrow

明るい色で塗ろうよ 真っ白な胸に

my heart is a white canvas, and I'll paint it with bright colors

It's the painting of my life

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