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New Release - Imagine - and Concepts Behind. Out Aug 18th.

Ever since I left my label, I have not released original music. Part of it was because I wanted to focus on other things, like going back to school and then working in finance, which is another passion of mine, as well as on family. I continued to work on some songs on my own for fun, though initially I didn’t plan on releasing any of them. Well, now I changed my mind, and this song is the first of the many I will release as a part of my first independently produced mini album. There are more songs in the pipeline, and I am looking to release them over the next number of months. This mini album will mark a new chapter in my life, and this song is the first page.

“Imagine” is a song that really means a lot to me, and that's why I selected to publish it as my first single that I am releasing independently. I wrote “Imagine” after parting with my label. Dreams and goals evolve as we get older and reach different stages in life, but the core of the dream itself is unrelenting - and the concept behind my first mini album, which will include this song, is that I want to preserve and cherish that innocence and purity, the passion that I had in the early years of my youth. So this first mini album.... is a salute to my and my friends' dreams, youth, and perseverance.

That doesn't mean one's youth ends there. One day, I came across this quote on Bloomberg at work: "It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams." - Gabriel Garcia Marquez. And I completely agree. Let us revel in the process of pursuing our dreams and goals, and never grow old.

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